Among the most total cardiovascular exercises around, rowing should be up at the top your list. A good workout on a rowing device will tone all the major muscle groups such as your legs, back, and arms.

The beauty of utilizing a rower is, first of all, it doesn’t have to involve water.
Using a home rower won’t get you soaked and there are no early morning journeys to get your machine out of the boat shed.

And there is definitely no need to discover the nearby river to row your device on.

There are great deals of different devices offered on places like Amazon, Walmart, and others.

Rowers normally fall under 3 categories:

  • Water rowers
  • Air rowers
  • Cross rowers

Water Rowers

Water Rowers

The water rower is great rower that will give you a authentic feel to actually rowing on a lake somewhere. As you can see, most are kinda pretty and simplistic. These bad boys are designed to utilize enclosed water and paddles for resistance instead of air. These rowers tend to be quieter than air rowers and are simply works of art as they are workout machines.

concept 2 air rower

Air Rower

We have the Concept 2 air rower. This is the mother of all CrossFit game rowers.  These rowers range in price anywhere from 200$ to up over 1500$.  Everyone has seen them and most have been on one or two in their life.  Very solid design and these babies will fold up into a bit more of a compact footprint.  So if space is a problem then an air rower maybe the way to go.

The info that the screen monitors program on the air rower is substantial.with the new screens even having the ability to be plugged into a PC, so you can race with other rowers from all around the world.

Some of the newer models have the ability to be plugged into a PC, so you can race with other rowers from all around the world.

Cr2.1 Cross Rower

Cross Rower

A cross rower is a machine that I’m really surprised hasn’t taken off yet in the CrossFit world.  The Cr2.1 Cross rower is an awesome machine for a couple of reasons.

Constant Tension

With the Cr2.1 you not only have a pull function like all other rowers, you also have a push.  That’s really a game changer in the rowing market.  Sure you get a great workout on a straight air rower or water rower.  But when you combine the tension in the push of the legs and the pull and push of the upper body…  You can focus on any muscle group you want.

Magnetic Friction

That’s right!  You have a selector that can move up the or down the tension of your workout.  Most standard rowers you have one setting.  With the Cr2 you can go for the long hall or you can up the tension and go for a tougher workout.

Rowers as a whole

Rowers offer a in home workout that can really help you reach your fitness goals.  So the bottom line is, that it is all personal preference.  If you want that water feel, then the water rower if more for you.  It’ll feel as close as you can get to putting those paddles in the water.  If space or you just want a basic machine then the Concept 2 would be a good choice.  It folds up, it’s simple to use and it has plenty of bells and whistles.

But if you’re looking for an all around machine that’s functional and will kick your butt on a 10-minutee workout…  You probably wanna look at the CR2.  This CR2 cross trainer is a beast that really deserves a good look if you’re in the market for a rower.  We here at Mountian West think this is the best cardio rower on the market period.  There aren’t a whole lot of machines out there that hold a candle to workout that you can get on the CR2.