There are many people looking for a home workout plan that will change their general physique, but are too busy to attend regular gym sessions. No need to worry. This should no limit you towards achieving your desired body.

It is not necessary for a person to go to the gym, there are a couple of home workout plans which can help you achieve your desired shape.

There are some people who prefer home workouts than going to gyms. This is because they are either busy with work or they can’t make it each and every day to the gym.

The good thing about home workout is that it requires simple equipments unlike the gym. A person simply needs to have a barbell, a flat bench, some weights and a set of adjustable dumbbells.

These equipment will not only help you lose weight, but also achieve that desired body.

We have three different workout programs created to achieve a particular fitness level. They include:

  • Full body split beginner workout
  • Body part split advanced workout program
  • Upper lower split intermediate workout program

Full body split beginner workout plan

We have different levels of workouts. We have the beginner workout plan and the advanced workout program. Beginners workout program needs to be performed the right way or it might cause injuries.

It is always important to confirm form of the exercises. All exercises must be performed the right way.

This program involves engaging in the following exercises; Dumbbell lunges, barbell squat, pushups, one-arm dumbbell row, side lateral raise, barbell curl among others.

Instructions must be followed thoroughly for this homework plan to work.

Body split intermediate workout program

Moving on, this is one of the most advanced workouts splits. There are certain sets and reps which a person must perform in order to achieve a perfect body. This technique involves focusing workouts on either one or two muscle groups.

This not only helps a person put maximum energy, but use different varieties to hit each muscle group. A person should therefore conduct different workouts that focus on specific muscles.

These exercises include concentration curls, Seated triceps press, dumbbell bench press, Reverse grip Bent-over rows and Stiff leg barebell good morning among others.

Upper lower split intermediate workout program

This is usually the next step after the full body split. The upper lower split immediate workout plan offers a wide variety of exercises compared to the full body split workout.

You should divide this workout program into two categories; the upper body exercises and the lower body exercises. The upper body exercises include pushups, standing military press, dumbbell biceps curl and one-arm side laterals among others.

Here are some exercises which focus on the lower body; front barbell squat, barbell deadlift, free hand jump squat among others. You should follow all the instructions carefully ranging from sets and reps.


Nutrition goes hand in hand with the workout. There are some diet plans which will help an overweight person lose body fat and also maintain his muscle mass.

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