Yoga pants are certainly a very sexy wear. I mean, if you are a guy you would love to check girls out who are wearing yoga pants.

But if you are a girl, then you know that sometimes yoga pants are not suitable to wear everywhere.

To be honest, no matter how good you look in a pair of yoga pants, you should know that the trend of wearing yoga pants is no more and this looks boring at times.

Suppose, you are in a gym or just want to show off your fit and toned body then yoga pants might be just what the doctor ordered.

It is not like only yoga pants will help you to make you look fit. Plenty other clothes will show your hard work and at the same time, make you feel better.

What do I wear?

You must be thinking, what are the clothes that I am going to suggest you instead of the boring pair of yoga pants.

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These types of blouses are trending right now, so, wear it and make people go crazy about this new wardrobe addition.

The next will be the off Shoulder Long Sleeve Romper.  You can display your hard shoulder work in the gym by wearing this stunning romper.  Summer is here, and you do not want to wear something out of fashion, so, this is the right time to wear this.


Loop knotted top is another spectacular dress that you need right now. You can wear it with denim shorts or pants to showcase your beauty through the dress. The Instagram is flooded with the loop knotted top and people are just loving it. Buy it now or regret later.

If you’re brave enough, then it is the time to buy a layered ruffle top. This will not just make you look hot but will also bring out the best in your shape.

Try these outfits this summer to look super stylish instead of the out-of-fashion yoga pants and make people fall in love with your look.

Bottom line….

Yoga pants accomplish two things.  They’re hot and just comfy as all get out.  But, kick it up a notch.  You can be sexy as hell and still be comfy.  Take a look at some of the stuff from Naked Zebra and tell me you’d look better in some yoga pants.

Yeah, that’s what I thought..