Quick Summary

The Bowflex Revolution is the company’s top of the line gym for the casa, using SpiraFlex innovation to deliver a complete body workout, boost strength, as well as keep you on track with your fitness goals.

SpiraFlex technology was produced to assist astronauts at the International Space Station remain in shape, and now Bowflex has actually included it into the Revolution.

Using lightweight interlocking plates, SpiraFlex provides fluid reps and an excellent workout.

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Our Score

Score: 74/ 100. At the top of the popular Bowflex line of home gyms, the Revolution is a durable fitness machine with over 100 workouts (300 lbs max.) to mix things up and give you a great variety of intense workouts.


  • Spiraflex plate delivers good resistance
  • Sturdy machine (max user weight 300 pounds.).
  • Lift up to 300 lbs. with an innovative resistance system.
  • 100+ workouts readily available for every workout imaginable.
  • A good variety of helpful accessories.


  • Not the most compact house fitness center (10 ′ x 7 ′ workout area).
  • Expensive piece for a home gym at 3k.
  • Assembly does take some time.
  • Plates can be tough to add and remove
  • It still has that band workout feeling
  • Lifting heavy weight with your upper body tends to put some strain on the shoulders.
  • Circuit training or working with a partner is a waste of time.
  • Lat pull down is average at best.



Every component of the Bowflex Revolution is created to offer a complete comfortable exercise for your whole body.

The Bowflex Revolution puts out maximum resistance levels up to 300 pounds for upper body workouts and 600 pounds for lower body routines.  (I’m not sure I’d try a 600-pound leg press on this machine)

The Bowflex Revolution may come across as a pretty big home gym with a workout footprint of 10′ x 7 ′, yet it does fold to a fairly compact size at 55 ″ x 38 ″.

Home Workouts

The machine consists of over 100 workouts offering up to 400 various variations making your workouts literally limitless.

The Bowflex Revolution uses exercises for weight loss, efficiency training, strength building, heart rate training and recovery from injury.

Bowflex Revolution Characteristics.

The Bowflex Revolution is built with resistance functions for every single part of your body.

The freedom arms enable you to move your arms in 10 various positions while adjusting angles up to 170 degrees. Use the leg extension to increase strength and get them ripples in your legs.

Make the most of the vertical bench press to complete a wide array of workouts. Burn a lot more calories with the integrated rowing.

Bowflex Revolution will give you numerous angles and grips to work with.  It really a functional trainer that you see in every gym with an annoying bar in the middle to work around.

Rest your elbows on the preacher curl attachment to start building those guns.  Which is kinda nice.  But, it’s a little corky getting used to.

Service warranty & Warranty.

The Bowflex Revolution features a 10-year guarantee.


You’ll never get bored exercising on the Bowflex Revolution home gym. The versatility of having 100+ exercises at your disposal makes the Bowflex Revolution a popular buy.  However, you could get a bit frustrated changing plates and do any type circuit training.  Forget working out with a partner.  That will drive you nuts.

Another thing to point out, when you bench press on the machine you have to reach back for the handles.  Even at the longest ring, it does put some strain on the shoulders getting the weight up to the press position.  I’m sure there’s an attachment that helps but why not include it?

Where to Purchase.

To obtain the very best offer on a new machine, click here.

What we would recommend is probably pretty stupid but Craigslist is another way to get a smoking deal on a good Revolution.  They pop up all the time.